QA Lead for Ecommerce Website Experimentation (H/M/X) Sant Cugat del Vallés

Ubicación del puesto: Sant Cugat del Vallés

The QA lead for ecommerce website experimentation is responsible for overseeing and managing the quality assuranceprocess for enterprise website experiments. This includes developing and implementing testing strategies, creating andexecuting test plans, and ensuring that all website experiments meet the required standards for quality and functionality.
Key responsibilities of the role include:
• Develop and implement testing strategies to ensure the quality and functionality of eCommerce website experimentsglobally
• Create and execute test plans, including the identifi cation of test cases, the creation of test data, and the coordinationof testing resources
• Identify and troubleshoot potential issues and bugs and coordinate the resolution of any issues that arise during thetesting process
• Work closely with the rest of the Experimentation team to ensure that all experiments are of high quality and meet therequired standards
• Ensure products meet customer expectations and demand
• Create quality measurements to track improvement in delivered optimizations / products
• Develop quality assurance standards and integrate within the experimentation team’s processes
• Create and maintain detailed reports on the testing process and the results of testing each experiment, and provideregular updates to stakeholders on the progress of the testing process
• Stay up to date with the latest quality assurance best practices and technologies to constantly maintain standards andto recommend improvements to the experimentation process wherever necessary
• Demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills and solid eCommerce business acumen
Preferred Qualifi cations
• Strong project and consulting skills. Self-starter with an ability to work in an unstructured environment
• Ability to work in a multi-cultural global virtual environment and fl exibility to operate across time zones
• Experience with working in large companies
• Ability to deliver reliable (error-free) results and updates in a timely manner
• Experience in A/B and multivariate testing tools a plus (e.g., Optimizely, Adobe Target)
• Verbal and written communication skills with fl uency presenting analysis and insights to key decision makers a plus

Experience required includes:
• 4-8 years’ experience in leading and executing quality assurance programs
• 3-5 years’ experience in test automation
• Ability to create and manage test QA schedules and resource allocation plans
• Strong analytical and technical problem-solving skills
• Familiarity with website experimentation frameworks and Chrome dev tools / Firebug

Salary: 54000 euros/year
Timetable: 40 hours/week (Monday – Friday)
Teleworking Option


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